How to attract learners and retain them

How To attract learners and retain them some points to consider

Creating engaging adult learning courses gives more mature learners the opportunity to expand their skills and build vital knowledge. Although many view e-learning as just a stack of online slides- its your job to make it different. Here are some tips to help you.

1. Plan Your Objectives
What is your objective, who is your target audience. What do you propose to do with your e-learning programs to meet the requirements of the target audience? Is it to meet knowledge requirements? Is it to teach a skill? Do you want to track what they do?

2. Research
You have to ensure that your eLearning course meets your learner needs. If you are teaching people how to surf the net and you are doing it via elearning chances are it wont work. Find out whats the best way to do things. After all elearning is a tool.

3. Dont just think powerpoints
Mistakes that many companies make is that they just put up a bunch of powerpoints on line and call it learning. Or the do a voice over on the powerpoints and call it learning. That should not be the case.

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