Singapore elearning is not new

In Singapore elearning is not new. In fact in 2014 Singapore tried to use elearning for their adult educators.

In 2014 WDA SINGAPORE tried its hand at elearning (e-learning). By piloting the elearning (e-learning) course for the adult educators as par of the continuing education courses for them.

That elearning (e-learning) foray was announced by Tan Chuan-Jin then Manpower Ministry. The idea behind the elearning (e-learning) was that the online courses would last between 1- 3 hours. The elearning (e-learning) courses would cover areas such as the workplace literacy as well as facilitation techniques. These elearning (e-learning) courses were initially targeted at adult trainers so that they would go for continual learning and training.

The Ministry of Manpower Singapore then also announced more continual education through elearning (e-learning) and that elearning (e-learning) would be a key feature in courses here in Singapore.

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