Singapore schools to introduce e-learning portal from 2018

Singapore is trying its best to be the smart nation that it has plans to be. Its never too early to start and with technology already knocking on our doors why not introduce it to schools. Some parents already know that they kids are on elearning portals from schools or through tuition agencies. Now elearning will be officially rolled out in a big way in schools. Question while kids are taking up elearning and gaining new skills, how are our working adults doing?

SINGAPORE: Students in Singapore will be able to access an online learning portal starting next year, the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced in a press release on Wednesday (Aug 16).

The basic functions of the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) are currently being piloted at 62 primary and secondary schools, and the portal will be rolled out in phases to all schools, including junior colleges as well as the Millennia Institute from 2018, the ministry said.

MOE said SLS will allow students to learn at their own pace, revisit concepts and read up on other areas of interest. The platform has materials that will enhance learning of various subjects including English, science, history, social studies and mathematics.

“Learning is made more engaging through a variety of interactive resources such as videos, animations, simulations, games and quizzes,” MOE said. The resources in the portal, which are aligned to the national curriculum, have also been enhanced as they provide real-world context to concepts learnt in class.

For example, SLS has a video developed in collaboration with PUB to link what students learn in lower secondary science with current developments in water desalination technology used in Singapore.

Teachers will also benefit from the portal, as it helps them in designing learning experiences that promote critical thinking and teamwork among their students. With SLS, teachers will find it easier to share lesson ideas within and across schools, allowing students to benefit from the wider range of resources, MOE said.

The ministry, in partnership with GovTech, will work with schools and teachers to gather feedback and develop the portal further to meet their needs before it is rolled out to all schools.


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